Born from a love between two passions, beautiful natural fibers and animals, Élevage au Fil des Saisons started in 2010 with a few angora goats, renowned for giving a fiber of great softness and resistant, mohair. Four years later were added some Rambouillet ewes (french merino) and a Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) ram. Those sheep's crossbreeding give a wool of a beautiful fineness. Today, the breeding farm counts thirty-five reproducers and sixty-five heads in total in high season. Five finn ewes  now  replace  the  rambouillet  ones.

Chantal Hébert, the breeding's owner, uses her animal's fibers in their natural colors or she dyes them by hand and then transforms them into knitted accessories and clothing. Some of the animals fleeces are also spun by hand with a spinning wheel. Blends of mohair with other fibers give a beautiful variety of products.

Among the products available from animal fibers are raw fleeces (white and colored), carded and combed tops in natural and hand-dyed colors, knitting skeins in various yarn qualities, finished knitted products (shawls, scarves, hats, headbands, mittens, thremal socks), along with products made with elder animal's fibers, felted soles and dryer balls.

You will also find soaps and body care products made from goat's milk.

A  farm  shop  is  now  open,  on  appointment.  You  will  find there more  products  then  on  line!

From  animal  to  final  product!